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Dry cleaning is a process in which fabrics are cleaned without being submerged in water or subjected to prolonged extreme heat. This is ideal for fabrics such as wool, velvet, or silk. In fact, these fabrics should always be dry cleaned to ensure that they continue looking their best.

At Merrick Park Dry Cleaners , we are a dry cleaner will use only top quality chemicals to clean the clothes while they are hanging. With this process, we can not only preserve the color and feel of the fabric, but we can preserve the structure and fit as well. This is important for anything from special occasion gowns to suits to your favorite pair of jeans. These are garments that you always want looking their best, especially if they were costly.

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Merrick Park Cleaners offers the best service. Their friendly staff impressed upon me so much so I decided to give them a review. For now on I will bring all my dry cleaning needs to these professionals. I was happy to learn that they do patch sewing for uniforms and I have a lot of friends in police and fire fighting that need sewing.

rates - Daniel S.

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